On Friday evening we took Addison to the town center to see a concert.  Well, we took her there to get out of the house and enjoy the weather. There just happened to be a family friendly concert going on.  An Elvis impersonator, actually.  He was surprisingly entertaining.

Addison is great on walks.  In fact, when she gets cranky during the day I’ll put her in the stroller and go for a walk to the park.  As long as she has her sippy cup, and I keep moving, she’s pretty content to stroll for as long as I want.  As soon as you let her out and she realizes that she too can walk, all by herself, it’s pandemonium.  She’s gone and is done being pushed around.

I think this was what the other Moms warned me about months ago when they looked at my little stationary baby and said, “Your life is going to be over once she starts walking.”  Yes, someone actually said that to me.  As difficult as it may be, I still stand by my position that I much prefer Addie on two legs, up off the dirty ground.  I was so over dirty hands and pant legs worn through at the knees.  While it is a pain to make sure she always has shoes on her feet when we go out, shoes are just a part of life so we both might as well get used to them now.  I don’t think they’ll let her into kindergarten in just her ballerina socks, no matter how cute they are.

Since there was a safe, open space, and the crowd for Elvis was sparse and fairly tame, we decided to let Addie out to roam.  What we didn’t anticipate was that she would roam quite so far, so quickly.  She’s getting faster and more steady on her feet, plus she’s little.  I think she was trying to lose us by running through people’s legs.  She acted like she didn’t even know us.  If we tried to follow her and take her hand, she would pull it back and run the other way, never making eye contact.  I didn’t think I would encounter this until dropping her off around the corner from the 8th grade dance.