After our Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Wednesday we started Thursday off right.  We met some friends at the park right after morning nap.  Really, right after nap.  I didn’t even give Addison the chance to yell at me, I just got her out of her crib and whisked her off to the park.  It made her head spin how quickly she was having fun.  She never had a minute to protest.

We tried the swings again and she was much happier on them this time around.  Truth be told, I was hoping she would stay in the swings for the entirety of our park visit.  Addie’s not too steady on her feet yet and her walking in public or outdoors with all of that dirty dirt is still a little daunting to me.  If our economy weren’t in the crapper, I would totally buy stock in Tide.  And Purell.  I see a lot of it in my future.

I’m pretty sure she’s smiling on the inside.


When Addison was younger, I used to think about how awesome the job of a baby photographer must be.  After all, there are so many gorgeous pictures of wrinkled little newborns.  And baby toes…the pictures of baby toes make me melt.  Taking pictures of babies is fun.  If you don’t get your shot the first time, well, take another one.  They’re not going anywhere!  Then Addison started crawling and it was difficult to keep her in one place too long.  Taking pictures was suddenly challenging and I started to reconsider my position on the ease of being a baby photographer.

Now that Addison is walking, it’s pretty darn impossible to get a good picture of her.  I think it would be easier to photograph a drunk rabbit.  I usually just follow her around, hunched over with the camera at knee height snapping away, hoping for something salvageable.  Suddenly, every photo is an action shot.  Our day at the park was no exception.

Setting up an arabesque?  Or just another walk in the park?

Stopping only to take a rest.

Once Addie saw the birds and ducks, she took off and started her laps.  She walked around the park like it a was a high school track and didn’t stop until I put her in the stroller to leave.  Now excuse me, I have a baby to chase.