• Scott is now working from home.  We took a ride to his office yesterday to pick up his computer and bring it back to the house.  His office had a few blown out windows and they have no power.  We didn’t see any open businesses in the surrounding blocks.  We’re not sure when they’ll be operational again.  It’s nice having him home with us even if he is holed up in the office.
  • At the grocery store yesterday they were limiting the amount of bread you could buy to 3 loaves.  I’m not sure why people are still buying so much bread when more stores are opening every day and the bread market in Houston is just about back to pre-Ike levels.  I wasn’t worried, there was no limit on tortillas.
  • There’s a small body of water behind our house.  I have heard 87 different names for it.  I’ll call it a man-made creek.  It runs in back of our neighborhood and I believe it’s purpose is to help with drainage in times of higher than normal rainfall.  With the hurricane last week, the creek was drained.  Every day on our walk, I’ve noticed a strange odor around the neighborhood.  Scott pointed out it was from the dried up creek.  I couldn’t place what the smell reminded me of until last night when we turned the corner and a westerly breeze gave me a big noseful of it.  It smells like a bag full of dirty diapers.  Parents of young children will know exactly the smell I’m describing.  It’s the smell we hold our breath against while changing the bag in the Diaper Genie.  Yes, that one!
  • I set out this morning to search for gas.  I was fully expecting to have to drive out to the country before finding a station without a line down the block.  I actually didn’t have to go farther than the corner store: plenty of gas and no lines!  That’s a good sign.
  • Addie and I went to the park today.  If they had any damage from the hurricane, I couldn’t tell.  I figured Addison would enjoy the swings and the change of scenery.  I was wrong.

So we walked around the water and watched the ducks.