I just can’t focus on anything else right now.  It’s hard to, with so many of my friends still without power and the news showing so many leveled homes.  It’s still all Ike all the time here in Southeast Texas.  Gas and ice are scarce and people are having to wait in ridiculously long longs for them.  Right now, they’re a necessity though.  A lot of people have gas-run generators and need ice to keep their food cold. Luckily, the weather has been unseasonably cool over the past few days.  We haven’t turned the air conditioner on since Sunday.  I imagine that’s the only saving grace for those without power.

We packed Addie in the car and made a trip to Super Target for groceries.  We had no problem getting in and out.  A sharp contrast from the lines we weer seeing at the grocery stores.  Target had no produce, meat, dairy or frozen food but their grocery items were well stocked.  Including bread.  I couldn’t believe it!  I grabbed loaves of bread and bags of rolls and Scott looked at me like a mad women.  He said, “Why do you think we need all that bread?”  I really couldn’t answer that.  It’s not like we eat much bread, I guess that it’s been so long since I last saw it, I wanted to hoard it.  I put it back and we settled on one loaf of bread and on package of rolls.  Very reasonable.  I’m hoping to find some milk today.

Scott is still not back to work after the storm.  There’s no word as to the extent of the damage to his building or when they’ll be open for business.  Right now they’re taking it day by day.  He has been going back and forth to the Home Depot to pick up supplies to fix what was damaged on our property.  He said the store is surprisingly well stocked and not too busy at all.  He spent a few hours on the roof yesterday replacing the shingles.  A roofer knocked on our door and quoted us an astronomical price for the work that needed to be done.  I’m sure there’s a lot of that going on right now.

Addison is going stir crazy in the house.  Probably even more than I am.  There’s only so many times she can play with the same toys.  We’ve been going for long walks and spending more time outside thanks to the cooler weather. Yesterday, her friends Juliana ans Anne Marie came over to play.  Addie is still stick though; her nose hasn’t stopped running since Thursday.  I don’t know how there’s anything left in there.   Like everything else right now, we’re just waiting it out.