That’s all it is.  The reason we have power (and internet) right now is pure luck.  If you were to look out my front window you would never know a hurricane had come through here.  If you were to look out my back window, well, you’d probably notice my fence lying on the ground and shingles scattered around the yard and you might start to think that something big had happened.

Hurricane Ike came through in the middle of the night so it was hours from when we lost power and heard the first bits of debris hitting the house, to when we could actually get outside and assess the damage.  Our neighborhood was lucky.  We don’t have many large trees like a lot of the neighborhoods in the area so our streets were never blocked and there weren’t a lot of limbs flying through windows.  The neighbors to our right lost siding and insulation from their house and they now have a trampoline in their backyard that made it’s way over two fences and somehow landed right side up.  If I didn’t know better, I would think it has always been there.

Friday night when the winds started picking up we decided we didn’t want to be far from Addie baby.  We moved the couch away from the windows of our second floor game room and into the hallway near Addison’s room.  We were asleep on the couch when we lost power just after 1:00 AM.  Within an hour we were already uncomfortably hot and the winds whipping against the house made it difficult to sleep.  By 3:00 the winds were getting stronger and the house was shaking.  We could hear sheets of rain on all four side of our home and debris hitting our walls; we were getting nervous.  We thought that we weren’t going to get out of this storm without the windows blowing in or the roof blowing off, so we got Addison out of bed and moved downstairs to our bedroom.  Addie started crawling around the bed, playing, and gabbing in the dark.  She brought some welcome frivolity to an otherwise stressful situation.  Scott and I were both happy to have the family all in one room.

Addison, not missing a beat, woke up at her usual 6:45 for a bottle. The sun was just coming up.  The rain was heavy and the winds were strong, but we were able to see that our house was still completely intact.  Our power, somehow, was restored shortly after 7:00 AM and we immediately turned the air conditioning way down in case it went out again.  All in all, we were very lucky.  Not only to have our home come through the storm so well, but also to have our power restored so quickly.  I realized as I turned on my stove to make Addison breakfast yesterday morning how completely under prepared I was to go days without power.  I though my tortilla and beer run yielded everything I needed  to get us through.  We would have made it, but it would have been very difficult.

I went for a ride around town with a good friend this morning and I was shocked to see the amount of damage just right off of my street.  I didn’t have to go far to see roofs torn off buildings and trees ripped out by their roots.  Power outages seem to be on a block by block basis.  Some businesses are up and running while their neighbors are still boarded up.  My neighborhood is not indicative of how this part of town fared in the storm.  Although I’m sure someone from Galveston driving around here would wave their hand and say, “Eh, this is nothin’!”  It’s all relative.  These videos were taken Saturday morning at 7:30 and 9:00 AM  respectively.  An hour earlier it was too dark and far too dangerous to try to go outside and get video.  You can see just how much the winds and rain died down in a short period of time.