Not much to report here.  The winds picked up about an hour ago.  This makes sense, as all of the computer models they’ve been showing on the news say the storm will make landfall earlier than expected.  Then again they also said the storm stopped over the Gulf.  Just taking a breather is my guess.  I have no idea how these hurricanes think.  Galveston is already getting hit hard.  There are some scary reports coming in from the island and I’m praying for the thousands of idiots who decided to stay.

I took Addie outside to check the wind – she likes it – and we snapped some video.  I was a little surprised to see how many of my neighbors have cleared out.  I was also a little concerned when my good friend down the street  told me she was leaving this morning.  She’s the weatherman’s wife so I’m wondering if she had some inside information.  Anyway, here was what Ike looked like from our neighborhood at 6:30 PM.