Cutest Weathervane

We just put her on the back deck and let her ponytail tell us which way the wind is blowing.  I wanted to put her on the roof…Scott said no.

West, Mama.

By mid day yesterday this town was out of just about everything.  Supermarket shelves were bare and you couldn’t find a D Battery or a flashlight in all of Southwest Houston.  It seemed to happen so fast; I really only started paying attention to the hurricane twelve hours earlier when my Dad sent me an overly-concerned email telling me to get out of town.

The line at Home Depot

Target employees are ready to shut that door and go home.

I thought I was one of the early birds, getting to Target by mid-afternoon yesterday.  I found empty water and bread aisles.  I pretty much saw what Ryan found at another store down the road.  Since I couldn’t find bread or water, I settled for tortillas and beer.  i was shocked at the abundance of tortillas.  They are being grossly overlooked in the sandwich making department.  My only other priority yesterday was to fill up the gas tank in my truck.  I went to two gas stations that were out of gas and witnessed a fight at a third.  The gas station lines were so long that I decided not to get mixed up in the madness and I headed home.  I did, eventually, get gas last night after visiting three empty stations and waiting in line for 45 minutes at a the fourth.

No mas.

We’re staying here, obviously.  We’re not in much danger this far inland.  Without giving you a map to my house (internet, please come steal my baby!) we’re about 40 miles as the bird flies from the coast.  I went out this morning to try to fill up the gas tank in Scott’s truck and just get a feel for what was going on around town.  There were a lot of cars on the roads but most businesses were closed.  Gas stations that ran out of fuel yesterday generally have not restocked and they’ve closed up shop today.

Even though the storm is still 200 miles out to sea and not expected to make landfall for a good twelve hours, the pictures coming in from Galveston are nothing short of awesome.  I’m amazed that after all of the warnings, there are still people on the island and in other evacuated areas of the coast.  I suppose I’m also amazed that these people are just now changing their minds and calling the Coast Guard to airlift them out.  I guess that’s one way to avoid sitting in traffic.  You can see images of what’s already happening on the island of Galveston and other coastal areas here.  I’ll post updates if it starts getting exciting.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in keeping track of the storm, here are some good links:

KHOU – Streaming hurricane coverage

Ike Coverage – Various Houston news streams

Galveston Island Webcams

Hurricane Tracking – Sent to me by a friend.  This is the best tracker I’ve seen

Stormpulse – tracking map

Weather Underground– Computer models and satellite images of Ike

Hurricane Ike Resources – Up to date response and relief information