In a little while a babysitter is coming over to take care of Addison for a few hours.  I don’t have anything planned or anything important to do, I just need to get this process moving.  The process of introducing Addison to someone who can take care of her when her father and I need to go out.  Sure, friends have watched Addison for us on occasion, but I need someone who I can call and say, “San you come to my house and watch my kid and feed her dinner and put her to bed?  I’ll pay you!”  Because I have a hard time asking favors of people.  Even my friends and family.

I’ve left Addie with a baby sitter only one other time in her life, when she was three weeks old.  When I think about it now, it’s amazing to how little problem I had leaving Addison that night.  Scott and I wanted to go out to a show with some friends and I guess I wanted to prove that having a baby wouldn’t change my life too drastically and I could still stay up after midnight.  This was also during the time when I was debating going back to work and sending Addison to daycare.  I truly believed that she would be better off with anyone but me.  I had no idea what I was doing and she needed someone with experience.  I owed my child that much, right?  So, along came this baby sitter who I had already known for a while and who was a nanny for a family with small children.  She already knew way more about all of this baby stuff than I did.  She walked in and I showed her the bottles and the diapers and we walked out the door.  That baby sitter has since moved away or I’m sure I would have used her again.  Scott and I haven’t had a date in months. 8.5 months to be exact.  I miss going out with my husband.  Not that I don’t love the time we spend together as a family, I’d just like to leave the house with him without having to pack a diaper bag.  Or have a conversation without stopping to sing a nursery rhyme.

The sitter coming over today is a college student who worked at Gymboree over the summer.  You cannot work at Gymboree unless you can at least tolerate small children.  (+1)  I have no plans for the hours she’ll be here which is good, I suppose, because I have to pay her.  Once I pay her I really have no money left over to do anything anyway.  This is another reason why I don’t outsource my job too often.  I  have a few little errands to run all within a five mile radius of the house.  Errands that I’ve been putting off because they’re usually made so much more complicated by having to struggle with the carseat and make sure we have the correct toys to go into the store, oh and a sippy cup.  I end up with so much in my arms thatI have to get the stroller out of the truck and my 2 minute errand turns into a far-too-complicated ordeal.  Or, I may chicken out and just sit in my car around the corner reading a magazine and listening to the baby monitor.