My baby is ten months old today.  We headed outside to take advantage of the sunlight for our ten month  photo shoot.  With a hurricane on the way, who knows when we’ll get to play in the grass again.  This picture session involved me snapping my fingers and calling Addison like a dog, and Addie staring at the ground, ripping out grass and eating leaves.  She wanted nothing to do with me or the camera.  Just the grass…and oooohhh…mulch!  Doesn’t she know that she needs to look at the camera because she’ll only be ten months old once?

This has been a trying, but very exciting month for us.  Addison is having a blast walking.  With this new found skill she’s fighting us for more independence.  I knew I had an independent baby from a very early age, and I have to remind myself of that often.  My first instinct is to step in and help her but she wants none of it.  She has to do everything herself.  This is a tough stage for me as a Mom.  I need to find a balance between giving Addison her independence and  being over protective.  I do want her to try new things but she’s getting  increasingly frustrated when I step in to stop her from hurting herself.  Like this little trick?  My instincts told me not to let her lean over that rocking chair so far.  Because, you know, it may not be steady since it’s on a hill and also?  It rocks. I didn’t stop her.  It wasn’t worth the fight.

Ten months at a glance…

Favorite Food: Southwestern Veggie Burger

Least favorite food: Scrambled Eggs

Favorite Toy: baby doll(s),books.  She loves her books; namely this one.

Favorite non-toy:  Oliver.  She calls him now.  All.  day.  long.  He ignores her.

Favorite new trick: Walking

Number of teeth: SEVEN – I could have sworn it was 8 but one disappeared.  That’s okay, I have a feeling two more are on their way.

Most annoying habit: Going through the cupboards while “helping” in the kitchen