There’s nothing much to report from team Addie Baby this week.  We’ve had a lazy week.  Well, not lazy, per se, it’s surprisingly difficult to be lazy with a ten month old.  If nothing else, I still have to feed her seven times a day, change her diaper 7 times, read her Wonder Pets book and Goodnight Moon at least four times, sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider every hour on the hour…you get the idea.  We’ve stayed close to home all week and I’ve been working on getting Addison back on her schedule.   It’s worked, mostly, save for the 5:00 AM wake-up calls she’s given us every morning just to see if we’re paying attention.

Addison turns 10 months old this weekend and I’ve started planning her 1st birthday party.  It’s surreal that my baby is almost one.  Scott and I were talking about it the other night and realized that infantdom really does go by in a flash.  Pretty soon she won’t be considered a baby anymore.  Everyone knows that I’m in no rush for my munchkin to grow up, but I’m already seeing less baby and more kid in her every day.  There’s nothing I can do to stop it.  I’m designing her party invitations this week but I’m not happy with anything I’ve come up with so far.  Back to the drawing board.

Today we’re hanging around the house, catching up on laundry and – hopefully – finishing unpacking.  I don’t know how there is such an enormous amount of laundry to be done when I did twelve loads before we left for our trip.  I suppose it doesn’t help that Addison cycles through three changes of clothes a day: Going out clothes, play clothes and pyjamas.  Maybe once she starts walking and I don’t have to worry about the knees of her pants being worn down from crawling on the tile and hardwood floors, we can cut down to two outfits a day.  Maybe.