We’re home from our Summer 2008 East Coast tour and we’re still trying to get our groove back.  Addison was so thrown off her schedule, spending so much time in airports and cars and planes, that she was pretty miserable for most of our trip.  That, coupled with her cutting FOUR new teeth, and a flaming red diaper rash, did not make for pleasant travels.  The difference between this and all of our other trips is that she’s so much more aware of her surroundings now.  She knows when she’s not going to sleep in her own room no matter how dark I make the space.  Each night she woke up for a bottle and inevitably saw the sun rise from our bed.  It was like having a newborn again.  A newborn who can crawl around (off) the bed and pinch your cheeks.  Even back in her own crib, in her own room, her sleep is still disrupted.  She wound up in our bed Saturday night crawling around for hours.  Scott eventually gave up and slept on the couch, I just held onto her ankle so she wouldn’t fall into the unpacked suitcases on the floor.

Even Oliver suffered while we were away.  We picked him up from doggie daycare on Friday and, as we expected, he was a dirty mess.  What we did not expect was that he would have a bite mark on his face, diarrhea and an ear infection.  While Addison was cruising around our bed Saturday night, Oliver was cruising around the house pooping behind furniture.  That made for a stellar Sunday morning.  We had some old friends visit this weekend and I found myself repeating over and over again, “My kid doesn’t usually act like this” and “My dog doesn’t usually go to the bathroom all over the house.”  Sure they don’t.

Oliver is now on meds and I’m hoping the work week will allow me to get Addison back to her regular schedule.  The schedule where she eats solid foods instead of just drinking a gallon of formula each day.  And also?  The schedule that involves naps.  Real, long, marathon naps.  A mom can dream, right?