After a near sleepless night on Thursday and a night of tossing and turning last night I am ready to crash.  Addison already has.  Our early morning flight out of Houston was delayed throwing off the whole Addie-schedule I had worked out for the day.  That’ll teach me to have a schedule.

Addison is enjoying her time with her aunt and uncle and cousins and grandparents.  There are so many arms to hold her and new sets of eyes to watch her tricks.   She’s so caught up in it all that she’s not doing the things she would normally do.  Like eat lunch.  Or nap.  And then it all catches up to her at once and she has the mother-of-all-meltdowns before she crashes with a bottle in her mouth.  My girl is a rock star.

Tomorrow Scott and I will attend my cousin Michael’s wedding and Addison will be in the capable hands of her cousin Bridget.  Capable, but non-diaper-changing hands.  I get so anxious any time I have to leave Addison with someone.  I worry not for her safety, but more for the sanity of her caregiver.  I won’t let my anxiety keep me up tonight though.  I’m too desperate for the rest.  My worries will still be there in the morning.