Over the past few weeks we’ve been trying to transition Addison from three naps a day down to just two.  I’m sure some people will think I’m crazy for wanting my baby to sleep less.  “Boo hoo, poor me, my baby sleeps too much.” That’s not it at all.  I don’t want her to sleep less, I just want her to sleep less often. Eliminating a nap is so much harder than I thought it would be.  It’s so tempting to put a cranky, tired baby down for a nap if only to get a break for a little while.  Still, I’m grateful to have this problem rather than the issue of a baby who doesn’t nap at all.

On a normal day, Addison will take her first nap at 8:30, right after breakfast.  If I’m lucky, she’ll sleep for 45 minutes and then want to take another nap just two hours after she wakes up.  She takes three short naps.  Naps that she needs but she fights taking.  Cat naps, really, that she wakes up form screaming and not very refreshed at all.  Three naps makes trying to get out of the house next to impossible.  Between bottles and meals and naps, we’re tied to the house all day.  If we have somewhere to be, I have to have wake Addison from her nap and put her directly into the car so we can – hopefully – have a full two hours to do what we need to do.  Even if that means me reaching my arm into the backseat to hold the bottle in her mouth while I drive.  Every time we’re in the market (no, I’m not exaggerating here) someone will comment on how tired Addison looks.  Every single time.  I think it’s because if I take more than 7 minutes at the meat counter I’m cutting it a little too close to her next nap.

If I can get her to hold out just a little longer on that first morning nap, she’ll sleep for almost two hours.  And then do the same in the afternoon.  It frees up a whole block of time in the middle of the day.  But when Addison is done she is done and there’s no putting off sleep.  She will whine and cry and rub her eyes and pull her hair out until her she hits that mattress with her baby doll in her arms.  This morning I was optimistic when scheduling Oliver’s vet appointment.  The receptionist told me they had an opening at 9:30 and I jumped on it thinking (hoping?) that Addison could wait for her first nap.  I ended up calling back thirty minutes later and begging, over a screaming Addie, to move the appointment.  She’s napping now.

Addison – 1 Mom – 0