I’ve written on this blog more than once that Addison has acquired a new skill but I can’t pinpoint the date.  This drives me crazy because dates, for whatever reason, are important to me.  If I don’t know the date she did something how will I celebrate the anniversary of it?  The anniversary of her first laugh (1/31/07!) or first tooth (5/25/08!) is important.  What other reason will I have to bake cupcakes?  But Addison will do something new and do it with such authority that I question my sanity and think, ‘No, that’s not new.  Today can’t be the first time she’s done that.  She’s been doing that for ages.’  She takes on a new skill with such self assuredness that I have to wonder if she practices in her crib at night and then busts it out for me only once she really has the hang of it.

This is also true of Addie’s new trick of standing up on her own.  Unassisted.  I know for sure she only started standing yesterday because I saw the progression throughout the day with my own eyes.  Had I not been paying such close attention to her around the dog bed, making sure she wasn’t licking it’s hairy arm, I would have wondered if she learned this trick weeks ago.

It’s amazing to see the evolution of a new skill: kneeling to pulling herself up to standing to pushing herself up to standing to just plain old standing on her own.  I am so grateful that I’m able to stay at home with her and witness all of her firsts.  After her morning nap yesterday Addison kicked Ollie off of his bed so she could sit in it while she whipped around her Mardi Gras beads and played with the electrical outlet behind it.  At some point she started using the arm of the dog bed for leverage to stand and have a closer look at the outlet.  By the end of the day she was standing up in the middle of the floor with abolutely no assistance.  Scott was the first to see it and, amazed, he called my attention to it.  I, of course, started to roll my eyes and flippantly told him,  “She’s been doing that for like, wee…wait…”  It was the first time she had done it!  I was so, so, so pleased that Scott was here to witness it.  As much as I try to foster Addison’s development, sometimes I just want her to wait until nights and weekends – when we’re all together as a family – to do her tricks.

Here she is…pardon the Cheerios on the floor.  My house can’t be photo ready all the time. Sometimes you just can’t plan these things.  This video is so bittersweet because I know the next phase in this progression is her lifting her little foot and taking that first step forward on her own.