There’s an ongoing battle in our house.  One that involves wrangling a small wiggly baby and locating teeny tiny clear plastic elastics in order to get her hair under control.  Addison crawls around most of the day with her hair directly in her eyes. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but it bugs the heck out of me and stirs up pity in her father.  He fears that she’ll never know what it is to see unobstructed.

There’s also the mealtime hair issue.  When Addison gets bored with eating her dinner she’ll take a fistful of food – chicken, grapes, mandarin oranges, whatever is handy- and mash it into her head.  Then she’ll pull it from root to tip the way you would apply conditioner in the shower.

Although I am mildy superstitious (surprise!) I am ignoring the no haircut before age 1 rule because Addison cannot live like this anymore.  None of us can.  Scott and I agree on one thing:  Addison needs a haircut.  What we do not agree on is the extent to which her hair should be cut.  Scott, from how he describes it to me, thinks we should go with a buzzcut.  So, basically Addison would share all of her father’s facial features as well as his haircut.    In an ill-timed pregnancy rage I cut all of my hair off and I’m still dealing with the consequences of it.  I don’t think she’s ready for the Mom cut just yet.

I, on the other hand, would like to just have her hair trimmed so it’s not so scraggly in the back. I want to keep her long sweeping bangs.  Pain in the ass they may be, I think they’re pretty and I like the way they frame her face.

Addison is a little girl after all so I realize that hair battles come with the territory.  I also recognize that she isn’t even old enough to put up a fight, so the worst is still to come.  I’m asking you, internet, to help decide the fate Addison’s hair.  We cover all of the pressing issues on this blog.  I know, it’s exhausting.  She’s getting her first hair cut in less than two weeks!  Click one of the links below and rock the vote!

Addison’s Hair

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2) Long whispy bangs

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