There is no flotsam floting, er, floating, around in my head today.  All that’s running through my head is everything I need to do before I take off for the weekend.  I’m heading West to see some good music and spend time with some good friends.  I’m excited for the trip but also sad to be leaving Addie Baby until Sunday.

Not only am I getting myself ready to go, I’m getting all of Addie’s things in order for while I’m gone.  Otherwise, Scott would be walking around the house asking himself where in the world I hide Addison’s pajamas, and why exactly is Addie’s bath soap in our kitchen cupboard?  There’s a method to my madness, at least in my mind.  I don’t expect Scott to be a mind reader though, so I’m laying it all out for him (with labels!).

I’ll be seeing Reckless Kelly tonight.  Incidentally, “Reckless Kelly” is the top search that takes people to this blog because of the post I wrote last month about Addie’s first show.  I feel sorry for those people who begin their internet journey looking for a rockin’ band from Texas and end up at this website about my baby.  I’m also sorry to the band whose fans I’m redirecting, however temporary. I’m getting way off track here.  I have clothes to fold and meals to make so my family doesn’t starve while I’m gone.

Have a good weekend, internet!