Happy 9 month birthday Addison!

It’s hard for me to believe that Addison has been in this world as long as she was in my belly.  I suppose that’s because my pregnancy was the longest 40 weeks of my life and the 40 weeks following it has been the quickest.  My pregnancy crawled by.  I was so anxious to meet Addie Baby, and even more anxious to put labor and delivery behind me, that I never really stopped to enjoy my pregnancy.  In fact, I didn’t like being pregnant one bit and that’s probably why it felt like sentence.  I regret that, in a way, I sometimes wish I could have been one of those glowing, happy pregnant women who always looked cute with their little baby bumps.  The ones who came home and knitted booties each night, or whatever it is those people do.  I was the other kind of pregnant woman.  The really fat one whose nose stretched out and who had to wear flip flops to work because her feet wouldn’t fit into shoes.

At exactly this time last year we were preparing Addison’s nursery and getting ready for her arrival.  I was insistent on having her room ready because a.  I was convinced she was coming early and b.  she needed an armoire and a very expensive bedding set dammit! She still has not used that bedding set.  The truth is, I could have done without pretty much every in the nursery until she was four months old.  Her boppy and swing were all we needed in the beginning.  In fact, Scott referred to her bedroom as “the dressing room” until March.  Still, it was important to me that Addison have her own space in our home.

Last summer was when I started feeling very pregnant.  That walk through campus from my car to my office in the Texas heat was really starting to get old.  The heartburn of my pregnancy was at it’s peak.  I had canisters of TUMS everywhere; my purse, my office, my night stand, my car.  I couldn’t be without them.  it really is true what they say about the heartburn/hair correlation.  At least it was in Addison’s case.

This was also when I realized that maternity shopping is not just something you do early on in your pregnancy to prepare you for it’s entirety.  I was getting so big that I needed another round of even bigger maternity clothes.  Tents, really.  Not pretty.  On the days that real shoes and socks were a requirement I would sit on the edge of the bed and Scott would have to put them on for me.  He never complained.  They say it takes nine months to gain the weight and nine months to lose it.  I’m not quite there yet.  I gained a disgusting amount of weight with my pregnancy.  That’s what an entire trimester of chicken fingers and milk shakes will do for you.  It’s all worth it; every pound gained, every uncomfortable sleepless night, every hormonal breakdown.

Addie baby’s 9 month snapshot for those keeping track at home.

Favorite Food: Red Grapes, Mandarin Oranges, Smoked Gouda bread from Whole Foods

Least favorite food: Any pureed vegetable

Favorite Toy: Baby doll (still, always) and the Leap Frog Music Table

Favorite non-toy: Infant Tylenol bottle

Favorite new trick: Standing unassisted

Number of teeth: Four

Most annoying habit: Opening drawers and emptying them of their contents.

Favorite Activity: Bath Time