No, not the clothing store…the baby gym.

Thanks to my awesome neighbor Crystal I’ve found a new activity for Addison.  The Gymboree by our house offers an open gym time 3 days a week.  It’s $5 and the kids can use all of the Gymboree equipment for 2 hours.  It’s great!  Even if Addie gets tired of crawling around and climbing she just finds a mat to sit on and watches the other kids run around.    She was the youngest mobile baby there yesterday so naturally my heart was in my throat the entire time she was crawling around trying to keep up with the running, jumping, tumbling big kids.

I’ve heard fantastic things about the classes at Gymboree from other parents .  Babies as young as six months old can enroll.  I’ve always been reluctant to even think about it because at this age I just don’t think Addison will get much out of a structured class.  At least not $16 worth.  And that’s how much it is.  Per hour.  And I would have to stay and roll around on mats with her.  Do you think diaper changes are included in that?  If I’m going to be paying that much for anything it’s going to be ballet lessons.  Or maybe even a baby sitter…but that’s another blog post.

Also?  The commitment of having to be in a certain place at a certain time each week is daunting.  It’s not that I can’t keep an appointment.  Our schedule changes so much and if Addison is having a rough day (okay, or if I’m having a rough day) it can be so difficult to get out of the house on time.  So for now we’ll continue to go to open gym each week.  No one cares what time we get there, or what time we leave.  We just walk right in and Addison can play for as long as she likes. Usually, about an hour.  This is also a good alternative for us since our other local play area is gone.  Tot Spot, we hardly knew ye.

Red cheeks?  Drool?  Yes, this child is definitely teething.  From these pictures it doesn’t look like Addison is having a whole lot of fun at Gymboree.  That’s not the case at all.  There were lots of smiles and giggles and squeals from Addie Baby.   I just can’t take a good picture well, ever really, but especially while trying to prevent my kid from flipping over the edge of a platform head first.

Look, a smile!  It can all change so quickly though.  Sometimes I’m not so good at reading her cues.  Sometimes I think she’s rubbing her eyes because she got a speck of dust in them. But when Addison stops and looks up at me with this face?  There’s no denying that.  Then I know it’s time to call it a day.