• I still have not stepped into my garage since I saw that thing yesterday.  I don’t think I’ll be able to park my car in there for a while.  That sucks because getting into my car after having it parked in the driveway is almost unbearable.  Momma needs an automatic starter. Who said they were only useful for defrosting in cold climates?
  • After being stuck in the house all day yesterday we’re going to get out for some fun today.  Addie’s going to play with the big kids over at a friends house.  She can’t keep up, but she loves watching them run around.
  • I’m out of coffee which is never a pleasant experience in my house.  Before I could make a coffee run this morning, I had to make Addison’s breakfast.  I accidentally put paprika (instead of cinnamon) in Addie’s pancakes.  Good thing I caught it!  I shouldn’t be allowed near a hot stove before I have some caffeine in me.  Come to think of it, that’s a fantastic excuse to get out of cooking on those hot summer nights.
  • I’m totally blog stalking Sara for part deux of her big news.  All those hits from Houston this morning, Sara?  Those are from me…sorry!  Spill it, sister!
  • I had more to say that would justify a FF pt. 2, but I’m distracted by Addison banging on the keyboard as I  write.  She types a lot of capital Q’s, A’s and Z’s.   This is why I rarely blog while she’s awake…