As I mentioned on Friday, Addison’s top two front teeth have broken through her gums.  Two months ago i would have bet money that her next tooth would have been the bottom right.  That tooth has been sitting there under her gums for months.  I can see it.  But no,  these top two teeth came out of nowhere.  One of them has a two day head start on the other and seems to be growing at a faster pace, so she’ll be crooked toothed for a little while.

This round of teething is not as bad as the last.  In fact, before the teeth were actually out, Addison showed no signs of discomfort at all.  With her first teeth there was a week of sleepless nights and low grade fevers.  She is a extra cranky today, but I attribute some that to her waking up and hour and a half early this morning.  Between teething and exhaustion we’re having a day at our house.  She was done with her bottle, breakfast and morning nap by 9:30 this morning.  On a day like today, when we have no plans, time really seem to drag.  In case you were wondering our day looks like this…

My heart breaks for the poor girl.  The only thing I can do is try to keep her distracted.  When Addison is in a mood like this everything is a tragedy.  If she can’t reach a toy or I stop her from climbing the stairs she has a full on Linda Blair head spinning melt down.

She seemed to brighten up when I put her in her walker for a snack.  Only 7 hours and 14 minutes until bed time!