Every week since Addison was three months old I’ve been taking her to Story Time at a nearby library.  The people who run the program are great.  This particular story time is focused on infants so there’s not a whole lot of emphasis on the books, so much as the interaction between parents and their babies.  We sing nursery rhymes and do different age appropriate activities with the babies.  I know it sounds lame, but it’s actually a great activity hour.  When I first found story time this was such a blessing because I was having a hard time figuring out ways to interact with my tiny blob of a baby.  She pretty much laid around and I would talk at her all day long.  That’s it…months one through four in a nutshell.  I bet she’s glad she learned to crawl so she can get away from me and my mouth.

Way better toys than we have at home.

Usually, there are about two dozen Moms and babies in the group.  They’re a great bunch of women and I really enjoy hanging around afterward and chatting with them while the babies play.  Also, Addison enjoys playing with the other babies and that’s all that really matters.  We don’t go to story time for me, we go because it’s a fun program for Addison and I think being around other babies slightly older than her really helps her development.

Addison will beat down any baby to get the purple piano

…she always wins.

I’m just not sure that story time is something we need to be a part of right now.  Summer is in full swing and there are more parent’s staying home with their kids and looking for something to do.  Story time has been  packed for the past six weeks.  The high attendance isn’t what bothers me at all.  I think people with babies who live in this area and don’t take advantage of this program are crazy.   What bothers me is that parents have been walking into the already over crowded story time with their four or five year old.    Parents of infants, especially non-mobile infants, are kind of limited in the structured activity department.

Now you have babies – all 14 months and younger (much younger) – mixed in with school aged kids.  Why would you bring your four year old to infant story time?  To play with rattles and blocks?  The great thing about story time was that I could let Addie loose in a baby proofed room to play with new toys and other kids her age.  I found last week’s story time more stressful than fun.  I was too worried about Addison getting trampled on as she crawled after toys to actually relax and let her explore.  I don’t think it was much fun for either of us and we ended up leaving early.

Did I mention it was free?  This is an amazing program and that is why I have been reluctant to voice any complaints about it until recently.  I will give it another shot this week and really watch Addie.  We’ll continue with story time for as long as she still has fun.  I have to remember that this is what it’s all about.