The first time I heard this noise was over the baby monitor after I put Addison down for a nap.  With the static of the monitor and the white noise machine in her room, it sounded like a low growl.  I thought there was a demon in her bedroom.  I didn’t hear any  babbling or moving around from Addison, all I heard was this noise so I figured she was asleep and there was demon hovering over her bed.  I mean, obviously it’s an evil spirit.  What else could it be?  I probably shouldn’t be allowed to watch Ghost Hunters anymore (but I love my RI peeps). This is one instance in which I hope Addison gets her Dad’s levelheadedness and the neuroses that come from my side of the family skip her entirely.

She’s been doing this all week but only after I put her down for bed.  It’s almost as if she knows it’s fresh to  spit at people so she’ll only do it to me after I put her in her crib and close her bedroom door.  I’ve only heard it through the monitor so I was never actually sure what the noise was.  Last night Scott walked in the door from work and Addison, in my arms, started blowing raspberries and spraying my face with baby spittle.  I think she was mad he hit traffic.

Note:  not her headband