• Still in pain.  I forgot my sunscreen when we went to the pool on Wednesday (don’t worry, Addie baby was fully protected).  My shoulders took the brunt of it, except for one small spot on my right shoulder where Addison placed her sunblocked hand while I carried her to the pool.  There’s a little white Addie hand print on my shoulder.  I kinda like it.
  • I’m finding it harder to keep up with house work now that Addison is mobile.  I feel like all I do is chase her around the house all day.  Before, I could plop her in the exersaucer or jumperoo and get things done.  Now, she lasts about 7 minutes in the exersaucer before she gets bored.  She’s all over the house and I can’t take my eyes off of her.  Currently Addison is napping and I am blogging.  Maybe I should be using this nap time to clean instead of just complaining about my messy house.
  • Yesterday morning Addison took the straw out of my iced coffee and played with it for two hours.  A straw.  She carried it around the house, banged it on windows and chewed on it.  She’s surrounded by toys yet she is fascinated by a straw.  This is why I shop at yard sales!
  • This weekend promises to be another busy one.  We’re breaking tradition this year.  Usually on the Fourth of July we stay home and I find some way to ruin chicken on the grill.  Today we’re going to someone else’s house and I’ll let them worry about salmonella.  Happy 4th of July everyone!