Last Friday Addie got all done up and went to her first concert. Well, not a concert, per se, but she saw a band live and that’s a concert in my book. I’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to introduce Addison to live music. Most of the shows I go to are past her bed time. Besides that, they’re in bars and it’s not that I’m against babies in bars in general, it’s just that the bars I frequent to listen to music are 21+. We’re still trying to find her a passable ID.

When I saw that Reckless Kelly would be at Cactus Music on a weekday afternoon promoting their new CD I knew this was the perfect excuse to get Addison out for some live music. We met the girls for lunch at Freebirds where I discovered that Addison LOVES tortillas and then we walked over to Cactus for the show. I knew going into this that I would have to skip one of Addison’s naps. I was anxious about it for days but I’ve been trying more and more to be flexible with her and not stick to such a rigid schedule. I usually just watch Addison- not the clock – and let her tell me when she’s tired or hungry. But she’s completely predictable in her sleeping habits so I knew this was going to be a stretch.

I don’t think it’s the norm, but at 8 months old Addison still takes 3 naps a day. Not long marathon naps but three naps all the same. While it would be nice to have a long block of time in the middle of the day to get out and do fun things, I’m definitely not complaining about the break that 3 naps a day gives me. I’ve learned to work around her nap times. I try to have everything packed up in the car ready to go for when Addison wakes up so we can get out and make the most of the 2.5 hours between nap times. Missing a nap is not the end of the world, but it makes me very anxious just the same. I’ve witnessed some pretty horrific behavior from normally laid back kid when she over tired.

We were finishing up lunch right around the time Addison would have gone down for nap #2. I could tell she was a little antsy but there were no breakdowns to speak of. When we got over to Cactus the band was still setting up so we had a little time to kill. This also made me anxious. All of this time to kill before the main event.

I thought for sure Addison was going to melt into a sobbing mess in my arms and we were going to need leave before we got to hear one word out of Willy Braun’s mouth. Heather and the Erins and Robb kept her entertained though.

Barely tolerating our antics.

The band took the stage and played a bunch of songs off of the new CD (which I recommend to any music lover). Mid-way through Addison decided that since I wasn’t taking her hints and actually finding her a crib to nap in, she would just lay her head on my shoulder and rest her eyes.

When they were done playing, the band stuck around to sign CD’s. Fortuitously, the line started exactly where we were standing. I asked if they would take a picture with my baby. Willy pulled out his sharpie and said, “You want me to sign your baby?” I clarified that I actually wanted him to take a picture with her, but when I tried to hand Addie over everything went downhill fast. There was a lot of tree squirreling and clawing of my shoulder involved (note: Do not hand Addison to groups of strange men when she is over tired). So instead we opted for a group picture which I totally ruined, but whatever. it’s my kid’s first picture with a band. I’m sure this is just the first of many photo ops I will ruin in her life.