Afternoon Edition!

  • Not Addie related, but it’s Friday Flotsam and I can post what I want to. I abhor summer television but I lurve Last Comic Standing! I love stand up comedy in general, really. 97% of the time I’m on the road, my radio is tuned to XM Comedy 150 (the other 3% of the time, it’s tuned to X-Country or Lucy: 90’s alternative rock). I want to be disappointed that they didn’t take any women in this first round of semi-finals but the women last night were just not funny. It’s a shame because all four of them really made me laugh in their first auditions. That being said, I don’t think God’s Pottery should have made it through either. Maybe I’m missing something. Paul Foot and Jeff Dye are going to go all the way.
  • This has been a busy week. I love busy weeks! While I haven’t made any advance plans – I know better – I have had an activity for us to do every day this week. Activities that we could do pretty much any day, but I always made sure we had something to do outside of the house. Addison gets so bored being at home all day…and I do too.
  • Even though it’s insanely hot here, I’m trying not to let that stop us from enjoying the outdoors. I apply Addison’s sun block with a putty knife and out we go. Sometimes I forget my own, though, so my Irish skin has gone from ivory to a lovely shade of boiled crustacean this week. And also? Freckles. I’m way too old for all of these freckles.
  • I don’t know when it happened, but as you saw in the previous post, Addison is standing. I wish I knew when she started doing this because in addition to this website, I keep a baby book for her and I’d like to be able to make note of the date. Not that it matters. I mean, she’ll know she started standing at about 8 months old. But still. I’m assuming she’ll care about all of this someday. It probably won’t be until she has her own children. *shudder*
  • A dear, dear friend of ours is moving to Dallas this weekend. I’m glad Addison and I got to see her one last time before she leaves. I’m incredibly sad about her being so far away, she has been like family to us. My selfishness aside I know that this is a great move and she’s going to be exactly where she needs to be right now. I’m just going to miss her a whole lot. More than she probably knows. I really believe that everyone should have a Heather in their lives.
  • Added to the list of household surfaces that need to be cleaned and disinfected? Dog bed. Check! It’s her new favorite spot in the house. Lord, help us!