When Oliver first joined our family last June it took some time to adjust to always having someone following me around the house. Anyone who has met Oliver knows that he doesn’t leave my side. This dog has attachment issues and it took me a while to remember that I always had my helper with me. I had to remember to let him in the bathroom with me. To step over him in his spot in front of the stove while making dinner. To go around his little paws as he stands in front of me while I sweep. Rarely does a closed door come between the two of us.

Now that Addison is standing on her own two feet I have another helper. She’s seeing the world on a whole new level now and wants to get in on the action. She can hear the sound of the dishwasher door from two rooms away and she comes scooting around the corner just in time to help me load the plates.

She’s too fast for me. I try to have everything ready to go into the dishwasher. I make neat little piles on the counter thinking I can load it all in and get the door closed before she reaches me. It never happens. She’s usually hanging off the door by her scraggly fingernails by the time I’m closing it. Don’t even get me started on unloading. While it’s going to take some getting used to, I’m trying to make this new arrangement work to my advantage.

On the bright side, I get with help blogging….

…and feeding the dog.

Or whatever.

Now that she’s so independent I think it’s time that she make her own lunch. I moved all of her food to the lower shelf because I don’t need to deal with any cracked skulls. We’re working on some other chores as well.