Really? I think I need to check the calendar because it’s been 90+ degrees here for a while now. I’m pretty sure summer started about 8 weeks ago but the people in my television told me it was officially summer at 8:00 PM last Friday. We decided we would celebrate the first weekend of summer by checking out one of the nearby pools.

When I was growing up, a community pool was not a cool place to be at all. Unless it were one of the two pool clubs in town – like a country club, but instead of the membership revolving around a golf course it revolved around a pool. No, seriously. There were waiting lists. Is this strictly a Rhode Island thing? Anyway, unless you were a member of one of the two pool clubs in town or you had a pool in your back yard, there weren’t really any other options for you. Of course, growing up in the Ocean State meant that you were never more than an hour from the beach, so you should quit your whining and hit the sand!

Well, down here in Texas we’re lucky enough to have access to ten neighborhood pools. Scott and I have never had an interest in hitting up any of the pools ourselves. Being transplants, the idea of a community pool is still kind of foreign to us. Now that Addie Baby has arrived and just LOVES to get out of the house and try new things, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to upgrade from her splash pad to a big pool.

Last month my awesome neighbor was raving about a pool she and her husband take their kids to. She told me that the entire pool was no more than 2 feet deep and is great for the wee little ones. So we loaded Addie Baby into the car on Saturday morning and set out to find it.

Once we arrived I knew right away what my neighbor was raving about! It is the coolest kid’s pool I’ve ever seen. The pool depth goes from 8″ to 24″. There are 4 water slides at the deep end and some sprinklers and water sprayers in the shallow end. It’s perfect for kids under 5 who don’t know how to swim yet but still want to play in the water.

We weren’t sure how Addison would react to the big pool but she got excited just walking towards it. She was practically jumping out of Scott’s arms to get down and play.

The water is shallow so it stays pretty warm under the hot Texas sun. It’s cool enough to still be refreshing, but not so cold that it sends a shiver up your spine. I got the feeling that Addison would love nothing more than to take off around the pool and leave her lame parents on the shore, but she’s stuck with us.

Every once in a while the lifeguards blow the whistle and everyone has to get out of the pool for a ten minute break. I must have been saying something funny here.

So during our break we chatted…

and had a little snack.

When we got back in the pool Addie went in her float so we didn’t have to hold her hands the whole time and embarrass her in front of her friends. I don’t think she’ll admit it, but she had way more fun with us than in her float. She loved when we pulled her through the water on her tummy.

We were having so much fun that we lost track of time and Addie was in serious need of a nap. This couldn’t have come at a better time because Scott and I really needed to get our red skin out of the sun.

We dried off and got ready to leave, but Addie didn’t mind because we promised her we’d be back again very soon.