Tomorrow is Saturday which is my favorite day. Not only because Scott is home with us but because the weekend means it’s time for Yardsaling! I first started Yardsaling as a poor college student in Boston. It was one of my favorite weekend activities. Now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom I have a renewed love for the sport. Only, instead of looking for furniture and knick knacks for our apartment, I’m scouring people’s yards for gently used baby toys. Being somewhat of a self proclaimed yard sale connoisseur I think New England has Texas beat with their sales. New Englander’s go all out with yard sales. Maybe it had something to do with the cyclical nature of Boston. It’s full of colleges and college students and grad students so it seems like their were huge sales every week. I have been pretty disappointed with the yard sale network in Texas. I’ve followed some sign mazes through neighborhoods here only to be greeted with one lonely rack of clothes. Ugh! Why bother? Take it to Goodwill!

I can’t leisurely spend my time meandering around town from one sale to the next anymore. No, I either do it while Addie is napping at home under Daddy’s supervision, or I’ll load her into the car and take her with me. We only get out of the car if the sale really looks promising. Addie is not a fan of the process of being secured into the car seat, so I try to do that as few times as possible. I haven’t founds any of the big toy items on my list, but I’ve come away with a lot of smaller toys for Addie at a fraction of the retail price. At this age, she tires of her toys so quickly that we really do need a rotating stock to keep her interest. A nice long soak in bleach and a scalding hot bath and they’re as good as new!

I would love to hear about your best Yard Sale finds, and next week I’ll post my loot!

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