Last week Addie baby and I were busy little bees getting ready for father’s day. We weren’t going to let an illness stop us! Maybe it did slow us down just a bit though. We started our projects early in the week by making a special shirt for Scott. It was Addie’s first experience with paint and she did a great job. She wasn’t weirded out by the texture and she didn’t try to put it in her mouth. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so great with the paint. I mean, I knew she would need to take a bath after this project but I didn’t play out in my head how she was going to get into the tub. I didn’t think to change into my own painting clothes so I’m the one who ended up looking like a wreck (as usual). And when I put paper down to protect the floor I didn’t at all take into account that my child is obsessed with paper and loves nothing more than to tear it to shreds. The floor needed a good scrubbin’ anyway.

Daddy in his Father’s Day shirt:

Our next project was probably the most difficult – a photo shoot! I made Addison a pretty purple tutu and had visions of her sitting like a little lady, looking up at the camera with an angelic smile. The pictures that you see every week on this site are NOT posed. Not ever. I can’t get Addie to sit still to get her diaper changed, never mind pose for a picture. I take pictures by following her around the house with a camera and snapping furiously. Sometimes she looks up and smiles and sometimes she flips me off. It’s all very hit or miss. I don’t know what I was thinking expecting Addison to sit in front of a backdrop and pose. I tried to bribe her with toys and food and even cartoons. This was a two day process. Here ‘s what I had to work with… (click to enlarge)

I wound up with 8 decent pictures out of the 60+ I snapped over two days. And here is the finished product in the frame.

Lastly, we needed to make Scott a special card. Yes, we could have bought a card but Addison can’t read yet to pick one out and I wanted her to be an active participant in her first gift to her Daddy. This project is 100% , shamelessly stolen from Secret Angent Josephine and her Baby Bug. I adapted it to suit an infant, but I have to give her all of the credit for the idea. So, better prepared this time, we broke out the paints again. Addie made some really beautiful artwork. I wish that I had her do a few more pages because she did such a fantastic job.

After my little artist was bathed, fed and in bed, I started dissecting some of her paintings to make cards. This project was so easy and a lot of fun. SAJ’s are much fancier but I’m really pleased with the way ours turned out too. This is definitely a project we will tackle again.