• Addison still has a fever and is generally clingy and crabby. All of her tests came back normal. The pediatrician told us to monitor her for the next 48 hours and to keep pushing the fluids. She’s drinking lots of formula and water so this isn’t a problem, I just can’t get her to eat anything. Yesterday was a long and draining day. More for Addison than me, for sure. I just hope my little pumpkin shakes whatever she has. And fast.
  • We never have advance plans. Never. Me and Addie Baby don’t keep a calendar. We’re free spirits. This week I had not one, but two activities pre-planned for us that had to be canceled. That will teach me!
  • I have always said that when I had kids I wouldn’t turn into a short-order cook. They’ll eat what I make and they’ll like it. Now I’m eating my words. I made Addison three different breakfasts on three different days this week.
  • This week marks one year since Oliver joined our family. I made him a special birthday dinner and bought him some Frosty Paws in lieu of a birthday cake. The effort was totally lost on him.  After scarfing down his birthday dinner he tried to eat his dessert whole while it was still in the paper packaging. I’m glad I didn’t go with the candle idea.
  • Currently topping the list of things I never want to do again in my life: Hold my daughter down for a catheter. It surpassed Eat rancid shellfish and is tied for first with Try to push a baby out of my vagina.