This finger food thing has progressed quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was crushing her puffs into crumbs. I realize now that I was breaking them up so small that she couldn’t pick them up and that was why I was having to feed them to her. I digress. Last night was surreal; Addison fed herself dinner. Here she is eating her veggie burger and rice. All by herself.

(Sorry, no, I’m not editing these photos. Nap time is only so long. I don’t have time to write and play with pictures in Photoshop. The bad lighting? The blurry hands? Yeah, we’re keeping it real.)

Addie did such a great job eating last night, she didn’t leave much for me to do. I just sat next to her at the table feeling useless. I needed to be there to supervise. And I didn’t want her to have to eat alone. Frankly, I felt rude the one time I did leave her eating all by herself so i could get a glass of water.

She didn’t seem to mind, though. She was very intent on her meal and just kept eating. She’s still getting used to using her pincer grasp rather than her fist to pick things up. Watching her is like watching a four year old using one of those claw machines that pick up a stuffed animal. You want to run over and help them, but you know you just need to let them struggle through. It would be an expensive dinner if I had to give her a quarter every time she dropped her food.

Besides rendering me obsolete at dinner time, Addison feeding herself posed another problem. This morning at breakfast she stubbornly refused to eat her blueberry puree and oatmeal. If she couldn’t chew it, she didn’t want it! I couldn’t let her go without breakfast so after a frustrating half hour of holding the spoon to her closed lips, I caved and gave her some banana chunks and string cheese. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the weeks worth of pureed vegetables in my freezer.