Since Addison has started crawling we’ve gone through a whirlwind of development in a very short period of time. It seems to have clicked in her head that crawling gives her a little more independence. With this new found independence she’s trying so many new things. Addison is constantly testing the limits of her body – and my reflexes. Not only can she move from place to place on her own now, once she gets to where she’s going she has to explore every level of it. Addison has moved on to pulling herself up onto her knees and also trying to stand. This new height means greater opportunity for injury and often extreme frustration for Addie.

The stakes are higher now, Addison is no longer just in danger of flailing a toy around and hitting herself in the face. Now she’s in danger of falling headfirst into furniture or onto her toys or, more often, the hardwood floor. There have certainly been more tears since she’s learned to get around on her own. The only upside to this constant mental and physical exercise is that when Addison is done you know it and she falls asleep in an instant before you can even hand over her lovey.

I think the hardest part for all of us is the frustration that Addison feels when she wants to accomplish something that is just beyond her grasp. There’s no reasoning with a 7 month old though. I try to explain to her why, exactly, she cannot hold the knife while I make lunch, but she doesn’t seem to understand. I will continue to explain this to her though because I do take her feelings and her frustration seriously. Hopefully one day it will click for her and she’ll understand that I’m trying to save her the pain of cutting off her fingers as I’ve come close to doing so many times.  She doesn’t understand that she doesn’t have to be in a constant state of motion; That sometimes it’s okay to just sit and cuddle with your parents and read a book. It’s okay if you can’t crawl up the television stand. It’s alright if you’re unable to rip the door stopper out of the wall. You don’t really need to crawl under the coffee table. And it is certainly not the end of the world if you cannot climb into the dog’s bed to get his toys.

Addison is so determined to do everything by herself and find every particle of dust that has not been swept. She goes after each task like it is her job. Like she is being paid to find the dust in every single corner of the house and, oh look, a dog hair. I love this about my daughter, but I’ll be happy when she understands that working together has it’s own benefits and you can still be a big girl and accept some help form Mama.