A trip to the market is never an easy task with an infant.   I don’t care who you are or if you’re just running in for milk. It’s an ordeal. Since Addie outgrew her infant carrier our shopping expeditions have become even more difficult. I can’t just take her car seat from the car and plop it into the top of the shopping cart anymore and pile her up with toys. She was going through that in between phase where she was sitting up by herself but I didn’t quite trust her to make it through the entire shopping trip sitting in a carriage. Especially with the constant jarring motion.

For a while I was strapping her into the Baby Bjorn and wearing her around the store. But we live in Texas and although it’s barely summer in most parts of the country, it’s already HOT here. And it’s not that I don’t love baby wearing. I do, I promise. But neither of us were very happy with being stuck together in the heat. If I had her facing me in the carrier she would spend most of the time with her elbow in my throat trying to get leverage to turn herself around. If she’s facing out, she gets excited and kicks me in the stomach for the entire duration of our trip. Over and over and over.

One day I was talking to another Mom of a baby in Target (as moms of babies are wont to do in the middle of the day in Target) and I was saying that I couldn’t wait until Addison was big enough to sit in the carriage like her baby. She replied with a chuckle that it, “poses it’s own set of unique challenges.” And she was right. But we’ve recently found a happy medium and have, so far, been able to shop in peace.

Waiting patiently in her big girl car seat.

Checking out her Shop n Play for the first time (Thanks Mamo!)

Toys attached to keep Addie busy

No kicking Mommy or pulling her hair. We’re ready to shop!