Every once in a while I find something so precious, so appropriate and so how I picture my little girl that when I get it home I save it for weeks, waiting for just the right occasion. I realize how foolish that seems with the rate babies grow. I save it even if that means she only gets to wear it once or twice.

The hat at 9 weeks

I bought a hat for Addison when she was 6 weeks old. A simple pink crocheted hat with a pretty crocheted flower on the side. She wore it a few times, but when she was that little we didn’t get out all that much. Not like we do now. Actually, not at all. I can count on one hand the number of times she left the house before she was eight weeks old. Those were dark days. And when we did get out I didn’t dress her in cutesy outfits. We were all about function back then. And almost everything had the feet already attached.

I saw this hat while was out shopping and I couldn’t resist it, or the matching shoes. And while she only got to wear them a few times, I thought they looked classic and beautiful on her. But I’m her Mom and I think everything looks beautiful on her. That’s my job…I get that now.

This is not about playing dress up or forcing my style on my child. When she is old enough to make decisions about her wardrobe, I will let her choose her own style and express herself however she wants. But for now, when we walk into her closet she reaches out and starts ripping garments off hangers and shoving them into her mouth, so I still get to decide. Even though I bought this hat ages ago and Addie has grown so much, I still held out hope that it would fit next fall. I’ve kept the hat right on the shelf of the changing table in case the opportunity to wear it ever presented itself. I’m not sure what kind of opportunity I was waiting for; freak summer snowfall in Southeast Texas? Sudden head shrinkage? I wish I would have bought this hat in every size. I want to send Addison to Kindergarten in this hat. But, sadly, this hat – now ridiculously small for my daughter’s large head – will be added to the box in the closet with so many others that came before it. Yet another shameless lament about how my baby is turning into a kid.

The hat at 6 months