• Addison has been napping in her crib lately. This is huge for us because that means I don’t have to tip toe around the house or run into my closet to sneeze while she naps in the living room. Like right now? She’s asleep in her room and I can type as loudly as I want. I don’t want to jinx it. Whatever the virtual equivalent of knocking on wood is, I’m doing that.  Furiously.
  • I’m so bored with Addison’s food. I am working on introducing some new fruits and vegetables into her repertoire. I don’t know why it should matter to me. I don’t have to eat it. She drinks the same formula every day and I’ve never been tempted to replace it with chocolate milk.
  • She’s getting around faster and faster every day. Today I set her on the floor in the formal living room and before I could even put the cream in my coffee she was rounding the corner into the kitchen.
  • Some days – like today – everything is just a little more difficult. We started the morning off with a temper tantrum (hers, not mine). I think Addison has another tooth coming through and she’s pretty cranky. For some reason she is much more content out in public so I think we’ll go walk around the mall or try out the infant swing at the park (even though it’s going to be a thousand degrees Fahrenheit today). Hopefully she’ll stop yelling at me.
  • We have no plans for the long weekend. Maybe I’ll take Addie somewhere fun. Clearly I haven’t thought this through yet.