It’s just a fact of life: Addison will not stop growing. Sometimes I feel like she’s already a kid instead of a baby. She’s outgrowing her baby toys and equipment so it was time for a new round of stuff for Addie. Big kid stuff (okay, big baby stuff but that doesn’t sound very nice). With the weather warming up we wanted to get her something fun for outside. Something she wouldn’t get heatstroke using under the Texas sun. She’s still too little for a Kiddie Pool, but we found a great alternative with this baby pool. After a busy week we finally had the time, and weather, to set it up.

Addie slipped into her bikini and was ready to go!

At first, she wasn’t sure what to think of it. The water was cold and the fountains were squirting her in the face so we turned the water way down and let her get used to it.

She decided she liked it and would finally sit down.

So we sat her down and turned the fountains back up. She was resisting having fun…making us hold her hands at all times.

She reluctantly loosened up and started exploring the pool a little more on her own.

Her expression betrays her emotions. This really is fun for her.

It took a while but she got brave and started playing with the fountains.

While we were splashing around, Oliver, who is usually attached to my right leg, would not come within 10 feet of this water spraying contraption. He has a fear of cleanliness and I believe he thought we would try to throw him in there to bathe. You should see him when we’re blowing bubbles in the back yard. No, you can’t see him because he hides behind the grill. Apparently, he’s afraid of soap too.