These days Addison naps wherever she happens to fall down and close her eyes. And I let her. I should probably put her in her nice soft bed in her nice quiet room with her white noise machine. But I don’t. Naps in the crib last 30 minutes at BEST these days and for an infant, 30 minutes can barely be considered a refreshing nap. I keep a magazine in the car in case Addison falls asleep in her car seat. I will sit in that car for as long as she’ll sleep. Usually she winds up napping in her Boppy on the couch. I don’t mind this because when she starts stirring I can replace her pacifier or scoop her up in my arms and let her drift back to sleep.

This morning she was playing in her swing when I saw her put her head down – toy still in hand – and close her eyes. I know it shouldn’t be comfortable, but somehow, no matter how babies contort their necks and backs, they never wake up stiff.   At least not that they let on. I mean, I don’t ever catch her trying to massage the kinks out of her neck. I learned this one morning when I found her in the corner of her crib with her head at a 90 degree angle. I thought she snapped her neck.

I’ll let her stay in this position as long as she can take it. I never mess with a nap.