Hanging out in my little blue tub.

Yes, Addie Baby is way too big to bathe on the counter, but it really is the easiest place to give her a bath. She’s still too little for the real tub and having to hold her while bent over the tub and washing her is back breaking. We use the tub sometimes, but if I had to do that for every bath I swear I would just wipe the kid down with a baby wipe and call it a day.

Momma, what is that? It looks delicious.

Addie no longer just lays in the tub while she gets a bath. She’s has to “help”. With everything. And when she’s not “helping” it’s only because she hit the water in her attempt to help and is now distracted by splashing. And the splashing gets more and more frantic. And then the feet get involved and make even bigger splashes and before you know it, the kitchen floor is also clean and smelling like Burt’s Bees Baby Wash, which is actually quite pleasant.

I knew this was going to taste good!

See? i told you she likes to help. She’s helping to clean her mouth. Before you freak out, see the picture above. It’s Burt’s Bees Baby Wash. It’s totally organic, hippie-dippie body wash made with stuff like coconut oil and vanilla and chamomile. I thought she’d spit it out and scream as soon as it hit her mouth but she didn’t, so I wasn’t about to put down the camera.

Hey Momma, give that back!

I’ve actually started using two washcloths for bath time; one that I run under cold water and give her to gnaw on and the other that I use to clean her.  I think it’s a teething thing.

I was not finished washing my mouth yet.

Note: Arm rolls. Love the baby arm rolls. The elbows come complete with dimples. It’s divine!

All clean! Time to get the jammies on.