Okay, so yes, the couch is where I usually write my blog posts anyway. I try to get them in quickly while Addie is napping or jumping in her jumperoo. Sometimes, on particularly fussy weeks (like this week) Addie needs a bit more hands on attention (like when she’ll only nap in my arms) and then my blogging time is all taken up – along with my laundry time and dishes time – and this site lays stagnant. I don’t mind when Addie Baby wants to nap on me. In fact, I love it because it’s so rare that she wants to cuddle these days. So I indulge her even though I sometimes sit here parched, my water bottle just out of reach. I just can’t disturb her. And I know this is totally a “bad mommy” thing to do and not something I should make a habit. Yes, I realize all of this. And yes, I’ve read that I should let her learn to soothe herself by screaming and crying in her crib alone. This is what works for us and I’m sticking to it.

My point? I don’t know, but back to why I’m coming to you Live from the couch! Gardening is a dangerous hobby. While outside planting petunias yesterday I sprained my ankle. Actually, I had finished planting petunias. I was watering them and admiring my handy work. It was a beautiful Texas Day…sunny and unseasonably cool. Everyone was out tending to their gardens. The people next door were installing a sprinkler system. And Addie Baby was in her exersaucer on the porch, playing with her little toy cell phone. There were witnesses to my clumsiness! I was strutting around all proud of my flowers. The guy next door had just commented on how nice our yard was looking and then BAM! I’m on the ground. I tripped on the hose, twisted my ankle and went down. I tried to play it off, but the pain was pretty bad. So bad I just had to leave the hose in the middle of the driveway, pick up my baby and get in the house! It’s just a sprain. It’s my left ankle, the one that I’ve sprained in dance countless times. I think this may be sprain number 7 or 8…I’m not sure. The pain is bad, almost bad enough for me to break out the good pain meds they gave me after my C-Section, but I’m toughing it out with just Advil and trying to stay off of it.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of our flowers. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the Petunias. I just can’t face them yet.

Celosia – Between the driveway and walkway. This is before mulch and clean-up, obviously.

Phlox, a gardenia bush (upper right), and some really pretty flower whose name I can’t recall. This is also before mulch and the rebuilding of the brick wall.

These pictures were taken last weekend and already these pink and red mystery flowers have almost doubled in size and there’s a gardenia blooming.