Addison has been rolling over for almost two months.  Recently though, she has gone a step further from just rolling from Belly to Back or Back to Belly.  Now she rolls to travel.  She gets where she needs to go by rolling.  I have to admit, it’s pretty innovative, but I’m somewhat nervous it will prevent her from learning to crawl.  I think babies do things out of necessity.  When she started rolling over onto her back, it was only because she hated being on her stomach so much that if I was going to stand there and watch her flop around like a fish, she was clearly going to have to take matters into her own hands.   Now, if she’s on her play mat and a block is out of reach, she’ll just roll to it.  And she’s multi-directional too.  She will turn her body 90 degrees, if necessary, to change the direction of her roll.

The one place where we could leave her, that she wouldn’t roll, was on our bed.  There, she was usually content to stare up at the light or the ceiling fan with her foot in her mouth.  In fact, she was mesmerized by the fan.  She’s far too sophisticated for fans now and is totally over laying on the bed staring at one.  While this may be a “bad mommy” thing to do, it was great for when I needed to run to the bathroom or get something out of the closet.  Was great.  Until last week when she discovered that she could roll all over that big, soft bed.  She’s makes a game out of it; like she’s trying to get away and I can’t possibly catch up to her.  Lightning fast, that Addie baby.  I always act shocked when she rolls over and she’ll hide her face in the blanket giggling and squealing like she’s pulled one over on me.  She loves to do this while I’m changing her clothes.  I’m sure I’ll get annoyed by it at some point, but for now, I love that we have a recurring game that Addison made up all by herself.