Addison is a sweet, smiley, chubby baby every day, but this past week she has taken sweetness to a new level. Addie Baby has started hugging and kissing! And she does it often. Every time she wraps her arms around back of my head, pulls my face towards her and presses her open mouth to my cheek I think my heart may, quite possibly, explode.

She does this mostly when I pick her up after she’s been playing on her own. It’s as if she’s so happy to be back in my arms that she can’t contain herself and must. eat. Momma’s. face. now! She opens her arms wide, throws them around my head and wriggles her little body while her drooly mouth makes contact with my face. I could do without the tiny claws digging into my skin (and drawing blood!) and she could use some work on her aim.   Sometimes her kisses end up on my eyelid, the side of my nose, or my chin but she doesn’t care – and neither do I.  She is so proud of herself!

When she was younger, Addison used to curl right up in my arms and nuzzle her face into my neck when I held her. Since she’s gotten better at controlling her head she never wants to cuddle. I have to steal cuddles from her while she’s sleepy.  It’s the only time she won’t fight putting her head on Momma’s shoulder.  She always has to have her head up looking around.  Sometimes she’ll throw it backward and arch her back so she can see behind her. I mean, why bother expending the energy to turn your head when you can just do a back bend?  Just when I thought my baby was getting too big to cuddle, she found a way to melt my heart all over again.