When this gardening bug started buzzing through my brain I had fully planned for it to be a girl’s project. I wasn’t going to ask Scott for any help and, honestly, I didn’t think he’d be all that interested in flowers. The three of us trotted off to the Home Depot on Saturday; Scott for a new weed whacker and Me & Addie for our flowers. Once we got home and I started talking to Scott about my plans for beautifying the yard, he had a lot of input and ideas too.

After some long overdue research on the types of flowers that would thrive in the hot Texas climate, we soon realized that the flowers we purchased were not going to cut it on their own and we would need to make another trip to the store. Just as well, because I still needed a spade.

With Addison in place supervising from the shade of the porch, we got started on the dirty work – clearing some of the old shrubs and turning over the dirt. And by we, I mean me with my camera and Scott with his shovel.

“Momma, does this mean we don’t have to get our hands dirty.”

Not what he signed up for.

“Gardening is so much fun!”

Destroying shrubs with one gloved hand. *swoon* My big, strong man.


“I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes.”

Next up: Color where there once was none.