Addie baby is into everything now. Well, everything she can reach while she’s in our arms. We’re in for a world of trouble once she’s mobile. Addison’s newest obsession is the laptop. Not just the screen, though that has held her attention since she was a wee little newborn; she wants the whole laptop. All of it. She wants to crush the touch pad with her tiny, doughy fist. She tries to pick at the hinges of the screen with her scraggly little fingernails. In general, Addison likes to touch things and feel them and try to wrinkle them up into the smallest form possible and shove them into her mouth. The laptop is her greatest challenge. For now she just bangs away at the keyboard, but that’s only because I physically restrain her from lunging – mouth first – onto it’s surface.


Checking her blogroll.



“No Momma, I need it full size. F11!”


“Enough with the pictures. I need to get some work done.”

Incidentally, her father looks at me with this exact expression when I bother him while he’s working too.