Since we last checked in with Addie in the kitchen, her menu has expanded. She’s come a long way since her first bites of rice cereal. It took her just three days to really get the hang of eating. Now, instead of letting the cereal fall out of her mouth she actually takes it off the spoon. We’re introducing a new food each week. Her first food was bananas then we moved onto sweet potatoes and apple sauce. I’m making all of Addie’s food at home except the applesauce. I tried. I steamed and pureed the apples but when I fed it to her, she choked on the first bite. It was almost completely tasteless and lumpy so I figured I would go with jarred food in the apple department. At least for now.

After that first day of cereal, I didn’t think she would ever like eating solids. I don’t blame her; the cereal on it’s own is completely unappealing. Since we’ve started mixing real food into her dinner, she’s loving all of the new tastes and textures. She enjoys dinner time now and actually reaches out for her food. Here’s Addie’s first taste of Bananas:

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