Not actually in the garden. We don’t have a garden, but Addie Baby and I did go out to do some yard work this week. It was sunny and cool, the perfect weather for working in the garden. In a few weeks the Texas heat will move in and we won’t be going outside until Addison’s first Birthday.


Addison was not as excited to get started on the yard as I was.


She hung out in the shade of the garage and supervised…


…and quietly reflected on her day. She wasn’t even phased by Oliver who was standing inside barking his fool head off. He was upset that a piece of leaded glass and ten feet separated us. Or, he was upset that I left Addison unattended next to the lawn mower. Whatever.
We started out by sweeping the front porch and getting rid of this horrendous chair.


Scott and I purchased this chair (with matching ottoman!) at yard sale for $10.00 while we were living in Boston. It wasn’t nice back then and, worse, it was covered in cat hair. Somehow the chair followed us to Texas and when the movers brought all of our things to this house on two years ago I had them drop the chair on the front porch. It hasn’t moved since that day and my butt has never graced it’s cushion. Mamo bought us two beautiful white rocking chairs for the porch for Christmas and they just didn’t look right sitting next to this faded old pin cushion.

Since Addie and I were doing our little cleanup project early in the day and the trash men weren’t scheduled to come for a good 30 hours, I figured the chair would be gone before the day was done. Off to sit on someone else’s porch unused for two years. That’s what people do around here. I’m a stay at home Mom and I walk my dog. A lot. I see the pick up trucks that drive around the neighborhood looking for treasure on trash pick-up morning each week. Sadly, this chair was so bad that no one could be bothered expending the energy it would take to throw it into the back of their truck. It sat on the curb all day and all night until the trash men finally hauled it away the following afternoon.

I took a before picture of the yard. I can’t even call this a true before picture. The actual before picture would have included weeds and 6″ long grass. Scott cleaned up the front a bit over the weekend.


See how it’s just kind of…blah? There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing right with it either. We have one flowering plant on this side of the yard. A rose bush.


It looks like this 351 days a year, but I’m keeping it because for the other14 days a year, right around Christmas time, it looks like this:

My plan for now is to clean out the low lying brown plants, add a little color to the beds with flowers, and put new mulch down. It doesn’t sound very ambitious, but for two girls who have never so much as picked up a spade (note: get a spade) it could prove challenging.