Addison’s first Easter is tomorrow, so I took her shopping yesterday to get her Easter Basket and all of the goodies to fill it. She came Christmas Shopping with me too. We can get away with this for now, but I realize that far too soon I’ll have to be hiding the candy or the wrapping paper. I’m actually looking forward to that; having to be on my game around holidays. If I’m not, my kid’s imagination will be shattered and I’ll ruin her entire childhood. But at least she’ll have something to tell her therapist. For now, it’s just easier to shop for this stuff while she’s with me and we’re already at Target for deodorant and toilet paper.

I have no idea what to get a four month old for Easter. In fact, I’m afraid this year Easter will be rather lame. Aside from the pretty dress and the delicious dinner of sweet potatoes that I have planned for her, she won’t really get the meaning of the holiday or any of the traditions that go along with it. But it is important to me to start these traditions even if she’s too young to notice. Even if I sometimes feel silly doing it. Like wrapping her Christmas gifts and then opening them for her on Christmas Morning. This year, I’m starting my Christmas shopping in May so I’ll forget what I bought her by the time Christmas rolls around. One of us should be surprised.

I really did phone it in this year with Easter though and I have some guilt over that. Here is the exact conversation that took place in my kitchen before our shopping trip:

“I have to go get Addison’s Easter gift and basket.”

“What is the Easter Bunny going to bring her?”

“I have no idea.”

“I think he should bring her Peeps. And Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.”

“Ooohhh…and Cadbury Mini Eggs.”

“Yeah! And make sure you get that fake grass.”

So, in preparation for Addie’s first Easter, I will be filling bright plastic eggs with candy that she can’t eat. And I will nestle those eggs in the fake grass of her Easter Basket and hope that she likes it when she wakes up tomorrow morning. And then her Father and I will spend the next two weeks trying not to eat it. Addison, when you’re old enough to read this, I’m sorry!