The other morning I heard Addie Baby babbling in her crib.  When I peeked in at her she was face down chewing on her sheet.  We always put her to bed on her back but since she started sleeping in her crib, she rolls herself onto her side and spends the night that way.  I’m not sure why.  Since we took her out of that sardine can of a bassinet she has plenty of room to stretch out.  It was doubly surprising to see her laying on her stomach because Addison doesn’t roll from her back to her belly.  At least, she didn’t.  The day before.

When her four month check up was approaching I knew I would have to start giving Addison more time on her stomach so she could achieve those milestones of rolling over and crawling.  And also, so her pediatrician would maybe not notice the flat spot on the back of her head.  I was sternly reminded at her two month appointment that Addie needs to spend time on her stomach.  But Tummy Time in theory is so much nicer than the actual tummy time that takes place in my living room.  By her screams, you would think that I was waterboarding the kid.  So, a week before her four month appointment I put in my earplugs, and upped the tummy time.  By the end of the week she was rolling over from her belly to her back.  I was relieved to be able to tell the doctor she had rolled over.  I mean, that’s something babies practice for a long time, right?  He would think she was on her stomach for WEEKS.

So while she mastered rolling one way, she was not yet rolling back the other.  She had no use for being on her stomach anyway.  Then she must have figured out that sleeping on her tummy was way more comfy than sleeping on her back and so she started putting herself in that position during the night.

Today while hanging out around the house she rolled herself over onto her tummy no less than 3 times.  And I missed it!   Every.  Single.  Time.  I would leave her on the floor playing with her blocks, run to the bathroom, and come back to find her on her stomach.  Change my shirt?  She’s on her tummy.  Let the dog out?  She’d flip right over.   She can’t hide it from me forever.  One of these days she’ll roll over and I will be there, camera in hand.