I was in no hurry to start giving Addison real food. I know some parents can’t wait to feed their child with a spoon. Even though breast feeding is a constant struggle in this house, I was hoping to hold off on starting solids for six months. In retrospect I think I was trying to hold off on letting my little baby take another step towards growing into a little girl.

Around 3.5 months Addison suddenly started showing an interest in what we were eating. And she upped her eating significantly too! She was eating more volume, more frequently. At her four month check up, the pediatrician encouraged us to start giving Addie solids. He told us to start out with rice cereal and once she got the hang of eating with a spoon, we could slowly introduce fruits and vegetables.

The very next day we bought a box of cereal and were anxious to give it a try. We got the video camera ready, sat Addie in her high chair (for the first time!) and prepared her cereal. What a disaster! She hated every minute of it. When I pictured Addison eating real food for the first time I had these images of her squealing in delight with a big messy, gummy smile on her face. That image was nowhere to be found in my kitchen on this occasion. Instead she spit it out and screamed at us. To the point where midway through her meal we had to take her out of the high chair and put her into her more familiar rocking chair. She still hated it. And us, it seems, from the daggers she was throwing us.


“Uummm…Mommy? What do you plan to do with that?”


“No. Seriously…I’m not even hungry.”


“Oh God, what is in that? This is disgusting!”




“No, please…not again!”