No one has been getting much sleep here in Addie Baby’s house. At least not recently. From her first night home Addie has slept in her bassinet pushed right up against my bed. I figured out a way to have her 12 inches from my head so I could soothe her and replace her pacifier in the middle of the night without my feet having to hit the floor. Sometimes, she would wake up just wanting to know someone was there and would hold my hand as she drifted back to sleep.

It’s funny, the things you say you’ll never do. I went from, “I’ll never let my kid sleep in my bedroom.” To, “Well, I won’t let her sleep in the bed. And she’ll only be in our room until she sleeps through the night.” And of course once she started sleeping through the night at nine weeks old we couldn’t mess with a good thing and move her. Besides, how could I deny her the midnight hand holding? She needed me. So next to our bed she stayed, even though she was waking up most mornings with her knees up to her chin because she was quickly outgrowing the bassinet.

A few weeks ago, as suddenly as they stopped, her night time wakings resurfaced. We felt like we had a newborn again. She was waking up 5 and 6 times a night. She was even getting up twice to eat! We were tired and miserable and, sadly, so was Addie Baby. Something had to give. It was time to move Addie to her crib. Saturday night when she fell asleep after her last feeding of the day, we placed her in her crib in her own room.

I should mention that the master bedroom – our bedroom – is downstairs, far away from Addie Baby’s bedroom which is upstairs and down the hall. It seems like such a long distance when you have to set your baby alone and make the long trek back to your own room.  But, we have a four bedroom house, and for the past four months all four of us (Ollie Dog included) have slept in the same room. I thought our bedroom was quite roomy when we moved in, but when you add a dog bed and a Pack ‘n Play the size of a Manhattan apartment with bassinet and changing table, the walls close in very quickly.

So Saturday night was hard for us. Well, for me. I felt like I was punishing her by putting her in her crib all alone. There were some tears (mine, not hers) and I decided I would need to move into the guest room next door for a while. You know, in case she needed me. Which, in case you were wondering, she doesn’t.  In fact, so concerned that she hadn’t made a peep all night, I burst into her room in a panic at 4:00 AM and accidentally woke her.  Oops!   Addison has slept like a dream in her crib. She is back to sleeping through the night and wakes up happy in the morning. She lays in her bed talking to her mobile and chewing on her toes. This time last week she was waking up screaming with her head contorted against the wall of her bed and one leg hanging over the side.

Even though I miss having her right next to me, she needs her own space. And for the first time in weeks I slept soundly enough to actually dream. Of course, I was dreaming about Addison waking up alone and frightened, but it’s a start.