Addie Baby found her feet this week. It happened overnight. This isn’t really something she had been working towards. On Sunday, while out for a walk, she found her knees and kept pulling up her pants leg to investigate. On Wednesday there were toes in her mouth. Just like that.

Scott was changing her diaper on Thursday when she kicked up her heels and grabbed the toe of her sock to pull it into her mouth. “When did that happen?” he asked. “Yesterday.” I said, “but doesn’t it seem like yesterday that she found her hands?” I distinctly remember the first time she found her fingers and put them in her mouth. I had to take a picture as I am wont to do as a first time Mom. So I checked the archives.



The hands are so last month! She’s been chomping on those things since the middle of January. In comparison, it seems like she was kind of slow in finding her feet. It makes her so happy to grab her feet. Bonus if she’s wearing socks and can eat those too. This does make diaper changes a bit more complicated.

More Feet


This is delicious